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Meeting with Club Personnel

MSC Chair, Kathryn Gale recently met with a number of staff from Millwall Football Club to discuss a number of options and questions that had been presented to the MSC Committee over the last few weeks. Below are some notes from that meeting, however please feel free to leave any comments and questions at the bottom of this article.


Present: Steve Kavanagh (SK) MFC Billy Taylor (BT) MFC

Stuart Lock (SL) MFC Shona Groves (SG) MFC

Kathryn Gale (KG) MSC

Match day Programme - BT recapped reasons for withdrawal-low sales, increasing costs. MFC will produce a ‘squad sheet’ or online ‘product’ to be available for ticket holders day preceding a home game. To include a QR code which connects to club website match content. KG requested access to limited number of hard copies for MSC to give to fans without internet access, this has been agreed.

Dockers Stand - KG asked if shelving could be installed in concourse bays currently without to allow more areas for food and drink. SG to speak to Stadium Manager.

Blue Bus - KG chased security amendment to blue bus. SG to speak to Stadium Manager.

Kiosk Food Sales - SL confirms that contractor is looking at new options for next season.

Kiosk Staffing - Last season staffing was affected post pandemic, SL to look at why same block in Kitchener’s always affected by short staffing.

Matchday food and drink - MFC looking at ‘pop up’ food stall by Zampa Road gate, trialing different foods. KG stressed popularity of a ‘pie and mash’ option. MFC looking at possibility of continuation of guest consumables such as FourPure.

Match day policing - SK due to hold meeting with Metropolitan Police and the MFC Stadium Safety and Security Officer). All agreed presence in car park last season not acceptable. SK explained the increase in legislation from FA regarding pitch invasions etc. and stressed the penalties clubs will receive including fines.

Fanzone- New speakers and music, penalty shootout presence to continue.

World Cup matches - KG asked that MFC show World Cup matches (similar to Euro arrangements, but in lounge). SK agreed BT/SL to look at marketing ASAP.

Shop merchandise - KG asked what arrangements could be put in place for MSC to access items - SL to agree procedure.

Training Ground Update - Planning application due to be submitted imminently.

Redevelopment around ground - SK to meet with Mayor/Lewisham Council in July to reiterate Millwall’s position and need for progression from council.

EFL Role - SK gave summary of his new role on EFL board.

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