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2023/24 Membership

23-24 season

We have kept the cost of membership the same as last year which is £5. As 2023 is the 30th anniversary of the opening of the current ground we have commissioned a badge with an image to represent that. This will cost £5 but if you order it with your membership, the combined cost is just £8.


Part of being a full MSC member means you are entitled to a number of discounts and/or reduced entry at our excellent partners. These include several non league clubs offering reduced entry to their matches, a clothes range by Millwall fans offering exclusive discounts and a number of local establishments offering money off, becoming an MSC member for £5 is fantastic value for money. Along with these local friends, we also have overseas companies who offer exclusive deals to all members so these partnerships are not just in the UK.

Whether its pre season or as the campaigns go on we are always open for more partners to work alongside the MSC. No matter if you are home or abroad if you are interested, don’t delay, get in touch with us.


Sending out the Lions Roar to all overseas fans.

It’s time to join your local overseas Millwall Supporters’ Club in your country together with the Official UK Millwall Supporters’ Club OR even start one yourself.

To find the MSC in your location check out the MSC website ( or contact

Find us on Facebook (The Millwall Fans Group) and Twitter Millwall Fans Overseas and Distance @MSC_Overseas)

A great way to show your support

New Partnership with RBLI

Millwall’s close relationship with the armed forces is long established and is reinforced not only every Remembrance Day but whenever military charities feel the need to fundraise at The Den.

It makes perfect sense then for the MSC to do everything it can to support Service Charities and especially The Royal British Legion.

The Poppy Day appeal at Millwall is hugely successful and goes from strength to strength under Mel Bingham’s excellent guidance. The MSC will obviously continue to do everything it can to support Mel in her Poppy Day fundraising.

However both Mel & the committee see excellent opportunities to develop a Lions/RBL relationship throughout the rest of the year. With your support we would like to adopt the RBL as our fundraising partner for the 23-24 season, raising money for our armed service personnel week in, week out.

The Lee Rigby Ride of Respect was attended by committee member Dave Lane who laid a wreath on behalf of all Millwall fans and was a great example of how we can support service charities by doing more than putting money in tins.

We would like your feedback on what YOU would like: Charity Walks? Cycle Rides? Trips to military pageants? How about battlefield tours to Normandy, Ypres or The Somme? We are open to suggestions on what we can do to benefit our service personnel in any shape or form.


The MSC is privileged to have two committee members representing Millwall Supporters at the Football Supporters Association, putting forward concerns that affect our fans on a range of subjects including such subjects as safe standing, away ticket prices, policing and the Government’s Fan Led Review for example.

We have also now have a member elected onto the FSA National Council to make Millwall Supporters’ voices heard nationally on all things relating to supporters and issues that affect them.


The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is a group of London Football Club Supporters who meet with the Met Police Footballing Unit every few months to discuss various aspects of policing football matches, both home and away

These meetings are an opportunity for the police to explain to fans’ representatives

· what powers they have

· how when and why they enforce those powers

· how they liaise with clubs the FA and the EFL

All aspects of policing are open for discussion and last autumn the emphasis was on plans for the Qatar World Cup.

Most importantly it is an opportunity for the fans to explain to police what enforcement can often mean for the day to day supporters and the negative effects it can have on them. It also highlights that many of the challenges we face at Millwall are being replicated at other London clubs

On an almost weekly basis we also liaise with Millwall’s dedicated Police Liaison officer discussing specific issues. Currently post match access to South Bermondsey rail station is a particular point of contention.

We continue to represent your views on these matters.

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