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Fans' Forum - Summary

August 2, 2019

Fans’ Forum 1st August 2019 - Summary


Following on from the Fans’ Forum held at The Den on Thursday 1st August, the following points were raised and discussed between the Millwall fans, Millwall CEO Steve Kavanagh, Millwall Commercial Director Stuart Lock and MSC Chairperson Kathryn Gale.


  • Portuguese Training Camp – Steve Kavanagh addressed the feedback received regarding the preseason training camp in Portugal and the fact that Fleetwood Town were advertising fans packages for their fans to attend the game.  Millwall Football Club believed that this game was strictly behind closed doors, were not aware that these packages were for sale and reiterated that this was by no means a way to stop Millwall supporters travelling to the match. The corporate packages were sold to a small number of sponsors to offset the cost of the stay at the high-quality complex they were training in and again, the club did not do this to alienate the loyal fans who travel home and away.  Going forward, there will be more transparency with any preseason tours that may be taking place outside of the UK. The MSC have requested that we be involved in the discussions any future arrangements and that has been agreed. 


  • CCTV and ‘Hear Hate?  Don’t Hesitate’ Campaign – After the news regarding the recent FA fine due to chanting during the FA Cup fixture with Everton, Millwall Football Club announced they have installed new CCTV cameras to clearer identify any of those who cause trouble or act illegally at matches.  Along with this, Millwall have simplified the contact number to text and Steve Kavanagh again has urged fans if they witness anything that can be deemed as discriminatory or offensive to report it immediately. Millwall do not want to sanitise the fan base, however any racist chanting or similar is not welcome in The Den or the football club.


  • Finances – Millwall Football Club have only once made a profit in a season in the last 20+ years and that was in 2004 when we made the FA Cup Final.  The club and fans are very thankful for the support from our chairman, John Berylson over his tenure in charge.


  • Club shop – There has been a lot of negative feedback at the state of the club shop, the items it has for sale, stock levels and staffing performance.  The club have acknowledged this and have recently gone through a restructure which will see the introduction of a retail manager.  Commercial Director, Stuart Lock has apologised for this, however the club have been let down again by Macron and they have been reminded of their obligations to ensure kit and stock is available for customers when they want it.  The club shop stock will be reviewed in line with this and there will be more variety of items for sale.  The online shop is also long overdue a revamp to better serve the fanbase.


  • 'Fan on the Board' role – After the resignation of the previous Fan on the board, Millwall fans have been asked what they would like to see from the new role and how they would like to see it function.  Although the position isn’t that of a traditional ‘board’ member, the club are open to ideas from the supporters and welcome any amendments, changes or additions to the previous incarnations.  The Millwall Supporters’ Club is happy to receive any correspondence from any fan who has ideas on the role and we are keen to support the arranging of a meeting with a representative from the different fan groups, so they can discuss what they expect from the role and a consensus can be reached


The MSC are the official supporters’ club and will represent any Millwall fan who contacts us for advice, information or help with queries that they have with the club. We would like as many associate members of the MSC to become full members, but we are always contactable if any supporter of the club needs assistance.  We have direct access to director and board level staff at Millwall Football Club and will work our hardest to ensure your voice is heard. If you have any questions with regards to the Millwall Supporters’ Club or any other matter then do not hesitate to contact us at or visit


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