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Leanne Cowan: It's good to be back but we must be tougher

October 29, 2018


After an injury which saw her out of action for 6 weeks, Leanne was back in the side on Sunday and had this to say about the performance. "We are working hard in training which is what makes things like this even more frustrating, leading up to the game we actually did have a good week of training. It was at a very high intensity and we worked on our formation, ways to play out and ways to press. For 20-25 minutes the plan went well but we concede that 1st goal and it felt a bit like our plan went from there. We are working hard in training and we are trying to come together as a group but we have to manage the game better in certain instances like when we concede goals, we’ve got to play harder but also smart."


Leanne has been at Millwall for a long time and wants the side to show some more passion defending comparing the side to last season. "I think that’s what we are looking to do more than anything, just having that pride and passion in us and in the performances and being able to say to teams that no you’re not going to break us down easily. I hate conceding goals especially 8 but just any goal conceded is frustrating. The thing about last year is everyone would put their body on the line and we reacted to everything and in some cases today we’ve defended well for things like second balls and Chloe has made some good saves but it’s just that reaction again we’re just half a second to late, we need to go back to the basics of not allowing as many shots and allowing teams to run through us and like you said having pride and passion in the performance."


Leanne admits it was good to be back on the pitch and hopes next week she can get the full 90. "Yeah it was good to be back out there, obviously as a player you want to play the whole 90 but today I didn’t. It’s been a long frustrating 6 weeks for me personally but that’s behind me now and next week hopefully is 90 minutes or whatever the plan is but yeah there is nothing worse than just coming to sit on the sidelines or when you’re not even in the match-day squad so you can’t warm up or even be on the bench. But to play my first game at Dartford was good and for the first 20-25 minutes of the game when we held them I really enjoyed it and its credit to the medical team really for getting me back so quick."


Playing only the first half, Leanne said she felt fresh and that there were no concerns after the game in terms of her injury. "I feel good coming off the back of that game, I feel physically fine and feel I could have played longer but with how the game was going and the scoreline there was no point risking it, I got 45 in so I’ll go again in training this week and I’m always one of those annoying people that are doing extra bits so I’ll be chasing that match fitness because yes it was good to be back but the first 5 I certainly felt it but after that I was good and this week I’ll be looking to get sharper ahead of Sunday’s trip to Villa."


Leanne admits the side must respond and it starts from now, stating next week is like a cup final and a repeat of the last two weeks would be unacceptable. "Our response starts tomorrow with our recovery we need to respond quickly it starts at training on Tuesday, it’s starts now really even though we’ve had a really bad week we do just have to try and put it behind us and learn from it of course but we don’t want to sit on it and dwell on it like last week and next week is massive for us and someone said earlier it’s basically a cup final for us but we know Villa, they aren’t a bad side, they’re a good team who work hard and are hard to break down, it will be a tough game but a game we hope we can compete a lot more in than we did today. Durham are a big physical side and are always a tough game then obviously Man united who have been racking up the scores this season already. So we want to get something from Villa and use that confidence going into our fixture against Durham and then into United the week after."

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