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MATCH REPORT: Millwall 2-0 Bristol City

April 8, 2018

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"Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever."

“Thank you, Sarah, for your courage through the dark years. I can't help you with what you must soon face, except to say that the future is not set. You must be stronger than you imagine you can be.”  These were the words that Kyle Reese recited to Sarah Connor after a T-800 Model 101 was sent back in time to destroy her, therefore stopping her future son standing up to the machines.  Millwall had their own Kyle Reese at The Den against Bristol City, Lee Gregory.


Skynet had tried to stop the human resistance by putting the Lions up against the so-called bigger boys in the League, but luckily Millwall were up to the challenge.  They had rubber skin, we spotted them easy and were easily defeated.  But now the Football League decided to send in a more familiar and human model to catch us off guard.  Sending in the similarly unfashionable Bristol City to infiltrate Bermondsey, these are new, they look human.  Sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot.  We had to wait till he moved on you before we could zero him.


The game started lively, with the Lions unloading early sawn-off shotgun shells as Skynet.  Lovely link up play on the right wing in the 3rd minute saw a cross come in from Steve Morison, but his bullet deflected off the tough metallic skeleton of the City goalkeeper who punched the ball clear.  “Come with me if you want to live.” screamed our eleven resistance fighters in navy, so the 16,000+ fans in attendance took our Kyle Reese’s hand and let them lead us to safety.


We managed to commandeer a vehicle and tried to escape with Reese.  A long ball went over the top of the back line to Lee Gregory in the 5th minute who seemed to be through, but we lost control of the car and ended up in handcuffs as Gregory hit the turf.  The Terminator tried to smash through the police station by keeping possession, but the resistance struck with a killer blow in the 12th minute.  Some gorgeous passing found Jed Wallace in space and the Millwall winger turned beautifully before curling in a sublime effort deep into the Skynet goal.





The T-800 was rocked, not expecting this small resistance force to cause it such problems.  City tried a Cruyff turn in the 18th minute to show Kyle Reese that he wasn’t intimidated, but Steve Morison chopped down the Cyberdyne HQ before they could rebuild momentum.


The resistance was in control for the first half and our Kyle Reese was showing he was willing to give everything for the team.  Chasing down every lost cause and in the faces of the attacking Terminators, our number 9 up front was in fantastic form and showing his allies what it meant to bring down Skynet.  Inspired by our centre forward, Ben Marshall unloaded some shotgun shells in the 21st minute that unfortunately went off target, Mahlon Romeo defended superbly to cut out a counter attack in the 33rd minute and Jed Wallace had another scuffed effort that deserved better after a great run in the 35th minute.


One final attack from Skynet led to Shaun Hutchinson smashing in a crunching tackle in the 40th minute, before the half time whistle sounded and the T-800 was defeated.  We marched off the field victorious and knew that “there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.”







Knowing the T-800 had failed, Skynet changed tactics and decided to send a more powerful Terminator to defeat the resistance forces who stood in the face of those who opposed them.  The T-1000 was sent back onto the field, but our boys were ready.


Seeking inspiration from their earlier battle with the previous Terminator model, we continued our assault.  The T-1000 drew his handgun from his holster and tried to attack, but seemingly in slow motion our solider dropped his box of roses to reveal a huge pump action shot gun.  In the 53rd minute and calmly telling the Den faithful to “Get Down,” Steve Morison pulled the trigger and superbly fired his shells into the back of the opposition net.






Skynet could not get a foot in the game.  Shaun Hutchinson was also inspired by the T-800 and Kyle Reese from the first half by going on a long and uncharacteristic run in the 55th minute.  He lost the ball to let City back in the game, but Jake Cooper superbly saved the day with a great defensive block.


The T-1000 changed tactics and tried some aerial bombardment in the 62nd minute, but all these corners were easily deflected by the Millwall backline.  Our T-800 and resistance forces was on their huge Harley Davison and calmly riding away from the desperate T-1000 who followed in their bashed-up lorry.  James Meredith also joined in with defending our John Connor between the posts, assisting with multiple blocks in the 67th minute and ensuring that Bristol City would not terminate our leader.


We made our way into the steel mill for the games conclusion and to ensure the enemy would meet his demise.  We were being chased around but continued to stand up in the face of the T-1000.  In the 72nd minute, the liquid metal machine tried some underhand tactics to try and stop our resistance with a stiff elbow to the back of George Saville’s head, but our midfielder shrugged off this aerial battle and continued the fight.





Shaun Williams joined in the fight with a delightful block in the 76th minute on the edge of the box, before both forces had good calls for handball in the 78th and 80th minutes.  Neither were given and the T-1000 knew he was defeated.  As he fell into the molten steel below, he took the form of all the others we had defeated before:  Leeds United, Norwich, Middlesbrough, Brentford and now Bristol City was another that melted to oblivion.


The final whistle sounded, and we watched what was left of another opponent sent to stop up achieving our destiny.  As the T-800 said to John Connor as tears streamed, “I know now why you cry, but this is something I cannot do,” and if we make it to the Premier League, there will not be many dry eyes in SE16.







🏆 Man of the Match 🏆


Lee Gregory 


He may not have been on the score sheet, but it was an outstanding display from the Millwall centre-forward. Non-stop running, in the face of the opposition and full of energy, Gregory was in inspirational form for the Lions.




💬 Fans after thought 💬



This week we speak with Clayton Clanga, a visitor all the way from Sydney, Australia to watch the Lions and a certain number 7 in particular.


What made you choose to come and watch a Millwall match?
Australians playing for Millwall; a ‘real’ London club experience with the team still in with a chance to be promoted.

What did you think of today’s game?
Absolutely sensational experience and atmosphere. We met some great fans at the game. There were some cracking goals and so happy when the team secured the win.

Who’s you favourite Millwall player and why?
Tim Cahill. He is an Australian legend of football.

How does this compare to Aussie soccer?
Atmosphere and the passion of all the fans at Millwall is unsurpassed.

What did you think of the atmosphere at The Den today?
One word.  Sensational.

How do you think the team will do for the rest of the season?

Based on their attacking mode of play and their run to the end of the comp, they will win their playoff and move into the 3rd promotion spot.

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