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MATCH REPORT: Ipswich Town 2-2 Millwall

April 3, 2018

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"If Kira gets caught, he is evil. If Kira rules the world, he is justice.”

Death Note is a world famous Japanese Manga that tells the story of young Light Yagami, a young genius with a knowledge that is older than his years, who inherits a deadly note book named the Death Note.  This book can defeat all those who’s names are written into it, and at first Yagami does not believe both the book, or his, potential.  He writes a person’s name to test the theory, that person then perishes in front of his eyes.  Realising this power, Yagami continues to destroy all those he feels deserve justice, but at first, he does this under the radar and does not cause much attention to himself or his pages.  It is only when those annihilated start to mount up that serious opposition starts to stand up to him, but they struggle to stop this overwhelming force.  Yagami creates a legend around him due to the righteousness he is delivering and earns the nickname ‘Kira’, a being who will right all wrongs and ensure that all those who have lived an immoral life are punished.  Millwall have their own Light Yagami at The Den, who has slowly been writing names of the opposition teams in his Death Note, only to see his eleven pages of justice abolish all those on their travels or at home in South Bermondsey.  But now people are taking us seriously and realise our power, and it was down to Mick McCarthy and Ipswich Town to stop us.


Harris was sat at his work desk, casually flicking over the pages and waiting for the right time to strike.  After the 1st minute the away fans were pleading for their ‘Kira’ to unleash a killer blow by screaming to shoot in the first half, but after recent incidents when the Death Note was used early, Harris’ team did not score within the first 60 seconds.  The fans did think that ‘Ipswich Town’ was written on one of the early pages when Jed Wallace ran through from a Lee Gregory flick on, but this run in the 2nd minute was quickly picked up by the Ipswich Town ‘keeper.


Ipswich had heard of the legacy of ‘Kira’ and his Death Note, so stood up to the challenge with several crosses to try and entice our Light Yagami from out of hiding.  Martyn Waghorn was one of the first to oppose our author, going down in the 4th minute and appealing for a penalty.  The away fans thought our hero had been discovered when the linesman’s flag started to wave, but the referee waved play on and no penalty was given.


Jordan Archer came to the defence of ‘Kira’ who by this time was still waiting to take the lid off his pen.  In the 12th minute, Martyn Waghorn again tried to call the bluff of Neil Harris and his Death Note with a quick close-range double, but Jordan Archer managed to keep the ball out of the back of the net.


The pressure began to build for Yagami, with multiple crosses throughout the half and a long-range effort in the 24th minute just flying over the bar, and the away fans were pleading for ‘Kira’ to surface.  Where was our leader who dealt justice?  Where was the team we worshipped and when would justice be delivered to this side in Suffolk?  Well, Neil Harris knew the exact time to take the lid of his pen and start writing.


In the 27th minute Neil Harris pressed his metal nib to the page and scribbled away.  As he placed the full-stop on the beige coloured page, Ben Marshall crossed the ball in a lovely pass which Jake Cooper headed into the back of the net.  ‘Kira’ had struck again and Millwall were 1-0 up and in the play-off places.  We were on our way to showing justice to the higher football powers who want our Light Yagami and his eleven brave pages destroyed.




This latest attack from our hero sparked life into the book, and every line on every page was showing its importance.  Crosses were being closed down and tackles were flying in with Lee Gregory and James Meredith winning their respective 50/50’s before Jed Wallace just put the ball wide in the 34th minute.  ‘Kira’ and the Death Note were feeding off their disciples in the away end, with every cheer and praise for our leader spurring our team on more for that extra yard or two.


Half time came and Millwall were in the driving seat.  1-0 up away from home and in the play-off places.  Our Light Yagami at the side line marched off the field with his eleven brave pages of the Death Note and his followers thought that no-one could stop our ‘Kira’.  That was until the second half when an ‘L’ inspired Mick MCarthy emerged from the tunnel for the second half.


In the Manga, ‘L’ is Light Yagami’s arch-nemesis who manages to match ‘Kira’ in every way, and Mick McCarthy embodied this character into the second half.  Not long after the half had started, McCarthy had proven that the names written in the fast half were on fake pages he had cleverly forged.  In the 52nd minute, Martyn Waghorn managed to finally cancel out our Yagami’s earlier attack by finding the back of the net after a defensive mix up.  Jordan Archer could only parry a shot from distance and after some calamity defending, Waghorn managed to put Ipswich level.  




 'L' had 'Kira' right where he wanted him and struck again when Waghorn scored his second only two minutes later.  Neil Harris could only watch as Jake Cooper weakly head the ball back towards Jordan Archer, only for ‘L’ to send his secret agent to retrieve the ball and round the Millwall ‘keeper.  Our Light Yagami in the away dugout knew he needed a huge moment to get back in control, so pulled out his Death Note, took off the lid of his pen and wrote four word that ‘L’ did not expect:  George Saville – 60th minute.


Saville was suddenly possessed by an unknown spirit and inspired by the away support we broke away.  With every line of scribble on the blank page, we made our way up the pitch and Saville entered the Ipswich penalty area.  'Kira' put the full stop down again and in that moment Saville's thunderbolt rocketed into the bottom corner beyond the helpless 'keeper on the hour mark.


Yagami was now in charge of this Cat and Mouse and his ink was flowing over the eleven  pages.  The last 10 minutes in particular was 'Kira' at his most deadly.  Lee Gregory's name was written down in the 78th minute, but after a clever one-two he could only hit it over the bar.  Harris scribbled out that note.  'Kira' again wrote the Millwall number 9's name again in the 86th minute, but as the ink dried the away fans could only watch in agony as the striker could only hit Bialkowski from six yards out after another clever one-two.


Mahlon Romeo was the next to take inspiration from ‘Kira’ in the 89th minute, but after a fantastic run and beating a number of players into to the penalty box, his shot was superbly held by the Ipswich number one.  ‘Kira’ knew that he had one last chase.  Looking at the beige paper, he used a strategy that he hadn’t before.  On a new page that had been inserted into the Death Note, he wrote: Aiden O’Brien – 90th Minute.





Standing in yards of space alone in added time, Yagami’s winger was screaming for the ball and pledging his allegiance to ’Kira’.  The ball landed at his feet and he unleashed the killer blow.  But again our ‘Kira’ did not realise he had been writing in the wrong book and the ball scuffed agonisingly wide.


The full-time whistle sounded, and the game ended in a stalemate.  ‘Kira’ stood and shook hands with ‘L’ knowing that he had been evenly matched.  Neil Harris hadn’t been defeated, but the power and reputation he had quietly been building without many taking notice has now been noticed.


Our Light Yagami still has power, influence and the devotion of his followers, but this was a time when our ‘Kira’ had been stifled.  A stalemate away from home against some like Mick ‘L’ McCarthy, who always seems to get one over on the Lions shows how far we have come, and Neil Harris will look to get over this writing block quickly.




🏆 Man of the Match 🏆


James Meredith


The central defenders didn't have a great day at the office, but our two full-backs had another good day.  Meredith just edges Romeo to my Man of the Match for this game.




💬 Fans after thought 💬



This week I ask the two road agents of the Greasy Spoon Fellas, the Coopers, what they thought of today's game.  Both available to hire to untangle microphone leads.



Name: Jake Cooper (not that one)

Favourite player this season:  Shaun Hutchinson


All time favourite player:  Paul Robinson


Greatest Millwall moment:  Bradford Play Off final.


What did you think of today's game?:  We were very dominant but we had a 10 minute spell that cost us the 3 points.


What do you think of the season so far?  We are punching way above what I expected and Harris has done an excellent job.


Name:  Alfie Cooper

Favourite player this season:  James Meredith


All time favourite player:  Steve Morison


Greatest Millwall moment:  Play off final against Swindon.


What did you think of today's game?:  In the end we dropped the points, goals should have come at the end of the game.


What do you think of the season so far?:  By far one of the best showings, Harris can't be criticized and the players have done exceptional even if we weren't to make play offs.


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