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EXCLUSIVE: Paul Ifill gives his thoughts on Cahill’s return

January 30, 2018


Courtesy of Nick How from Millwall Downunder. Visit them on Facebook or Twitter


I had the chance this evening to ask former Millwall favourite Paul Ifill a few questions regarding the ‘big news’ signing of former team mate and Millwall legend Tim Cahill.

Here’s what he had to say...

Great signing for Millwall this morning Paul with the announcement of the return of former team mate and Millwall favourite Tim Cahill.
Tim has made it known he is looking for a return to regular football so to put himself in line for one last World Cup call up. What type of role do you see Neil Harris implementing for Tim?

Tim has made it clear he needs minutes in the build up to the WC so I would imagine Neil is well aware and will be looking to start him asap!
Tim has managed to keep himself in excellent shape and would be capable of playing around 70 minutes per game imo!

I’ve seen some suggesting online he’s only got a good half of football in him. Bonkers, he looks in incredible shape.

Tim will be fine he's a smart player and definitely looks after himself

How huge is a signing like this for youngsters at a club? Do young players tend to learn from big characters like a Tim Cahill?

What Tim can do as a mentor for the young players is really immeasurable!
He has so much experience and will be more than happy to pass this on as often as possible.
If I was a young player at Millwall I would be looking to ask as many questions as possible and soak up every drop of knowledge.

Obviously you came through the ranks as a youngster at Millwall with Tim, and that Promotion winning side is now seen as an iconic Millwall side. One of the Millwall Down Under boys met up with Rhino and Joe Dolan last year and mentioned that Joe had said the group of players in the side 2000-2004 could not be replicated now due to the team chemistry and the fact that a lot of the players got on so well. Do you believe Neil Harris is implementing the same type of chemistry at Millwall now and could it be replicated of those times? Or is it a case of different times, different place?

Very hard to replicate that chemistry as so many of us literally grew up together but Neil and Livers are doing a great job and who knows if given a bit more time, anything is possible!

Give us your fondest memory of Tim and yourself at Millwall?

So many memories! We were firm friends from day one and did everything together!
Promotion to the Championship and the Cup run alongside someone who was a proper mate.

Paul, thank you kindly for taking the time out to have a chat with us. Cheers 

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