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The Voldermort of The Lions: My Top 5 Worst Millwall Kits

December 20, 2017

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After researching some of Millwall's old kits in my recent Top 5 Millwall Kits, I came across some items of real beauty.  The types of clothing that made our nostalgia filled eyes glimmer and sparkle when they came up in front of us.  The strips where we had some of our finest moments and were donned by our favourite players growing up.


Mark Kennedy scoring against Arsenal at Highbury in the blue and white 1995 kit was one that always comes to mind when I think of my favourite kit, but what about the others?  What about the kits that not only did we forget we wore, but turned our noses up at?  The kits that made the England Euro '96 goalkeeper kit chuckle in our direction.  The monstrosities that even when we saw them at only £5 in the end of season bargain bucket, we still wondered whether we should part with our cash or not.


These are the ones that if you spilled red wine on the kitchen side, you would grab one of these to soak it all up.  Two of these kits were worn at Wembley, whilst another was worn another season we made a play-off final, but no amount of nostalgia can make me like these.  So without further adieu, here are my five worst Millwall kits over the years.



5.  All White, Racing+ Away Kit 2011 - 2012



Along with Millwall's first season back in the Championship, we also returned to a beautiful navy blue kit with CYC across the chest.  The rampant Lion stood proudly over the heart and was ready to attack.  The following season, we had a dreadful duo.  The home strip was bland, boring and captured none of the character of previous strips and the away kit was even worse.  Plain white with a loud and out of place sponsor that just didn't sit right.  The kit didn't inspire, and this rubbed off on the players as this season was one to forget.



4.  Blue with white trim, CYC Home Kit 2008-2009



"Oh flipping hell, I've spilt the Tippex!" is what I imagine was screamed around the kit designer's office.  That can be the only thing that could describe that dreadful white trim that went down the right side of this home kit.  This kit had the unique feature of running down to continue to the trim on the shorts, but if you were just a centimetre out, it would make you look a complete idiot.  Saying that, I can't imagine the club sold many of these shirt and short combinations...



 3.  Orange Kit, Bukta Third Kit 2008-2009



What on earth was this?  Seriously, who's bright idea was this luminous kit?  "It's not a traditional colour - but having a third kit gives you a chance to choose something a bit off beat." said kit manager Adrian Wisson at the time, "Fans are saying it looks a bit like a Holland kit from the 1970s or 80s. I like it as it's different from other teams in the Football League."  Of course it's different, only Blackpool are the other side who wore orange and look at the state that club is in.  That has nothing to do with their egotistical owners, its mainly because they wear orange.




2.  Blue with grey trim, L!VE TV Home Kit 1997 - 1999




Apart from in 1888 when Millwall wore a red strip, The Lions have always worn blue and white as their home kit.  No other colours than blue or white have graced The Den as our home uniform.  That was until the years 1997 - 1999, when someone decided our royal blue kit needed dulling down with a grey trim.  For all those who bought it, and I'd be surprised if it was a lot who parted with their cash, they will tell you that it got unbelievably heavy when wet.  This could have been from rain, sweat or the tears shed when we lost the Auto Windscreen Shield Final in 1999 against Wigan Athletic.



1.  Navy Blue and White, Racing+ Home Kit 2012 - 2013




After the awful all navy blue kit of 2011 - 2012, the fans were eagerly waiting what the club would be bringing out for the 2012 - 2013 season.  Would it be something that took us back to our more successful days?  Would it be something with a bit of class and elegance?  The answer: No.  What was brought out was something that resembled a rectangular Orca.  A kit that seemed like the designers had run out of ink when they got to the end, this was a kit that summed up our season: drab, unorganised and ugly.  To this day I still believe this kit was the reason Chris Wood never signed a permanent deal...




So these are the kits that I believe are our five worst; you may agree or you may disagree.  Either way let me know your thoughts at @Official__MSC.

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