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Sit Down With: Amy Nash

Photo Credit: Tom West Photography

Many of us can only sit in the stands, longing to be on the field with our heroes and representing the club we love. As children, we were wearing the kits, football boots, carrying kit bags, kicking Millwall branded footballs and dreaming of being the one who scored the winning goals in games and getting Millwall promoted to higher levels. In this interview, we sit down with someone who has been lucky enough to experience all of this and more. From sitting in The Den with family as a youngster in football kits bought for birthdays, being one of the two famous faces in the recent Millwall retro kit launch and taking to the field for her beloved club. For this interview, we get to know Millwall Lionesses' Amy Nash.


1. Amy, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Firstly, tell us about your connection with Millwall?

No worries at all. I’ve been a Millwall supporter for as long as I can remember, going to games with my family and even being a mascot! Millwall is the first club I ever played for, signing at the age of 10; so it is very special to me that I am now playing in our first team.

2. You are currently signed with the Millwall Lionesses and play in the 5th tier of the football pyramid. How does it feel to represent the club you support?

It feels brilliant to play for the club that you support. We are becoming more and more involved with the men’s team, which brings a really good atmosphere to the women’s team that we are all very thankful for.

3. It was a shaky start to the season, but you are now back to winning ways and through to the FA Cup. How is the mood in the camp at the moment?

In comparison to the start of the season, the vibe in the team is another level. Bringing new good-quality players into the squad such as Milly and Sophie has increased everyone’s intensity and potential. Everyone’s also got that winning feeling which hopefully continues further!

4. Along with playing for the club, you also were the face of the returning retro kits. How did it feel to be involved in this?

It was a very last minute thing but it was a pleasure to be involved in. Having the kit as a youngster made it that little bit more special!

Photo Credit: Paul Nash

5. There have been lots of photos of you as a kid in the retro kit that was involved in the shoot. Is that your favourite Millwall kit?

I was so young, I don’t think I took much notice of the kit! Growing up, a Millwall shirt was always one of my birthday presents from my Mum and Dad, however the shirt I remember wearing to death as a youngster was the 2009/2010 red and black away kit.

6. As a Millwall fan, tell us your match day routine?

Firstly, I’d play for Charlton in the morning (awful I know), then I would get changed and me and my Dad would drive to either Welling Pie and Mash shop or Manzes in Deptford for 1 pie, 1 mash and liquor. We would then park up and walk to the stadium, and go sit in Block 10 with the usual crowd that we sit with, including my cousin John, his partner Tracy and my uncle John.

I’m now usually too busy to go watch games on Saturdays, however I am able to make the odd Tuesday night game.

7. As a squad member of the Millwall Lionesses, you are a part of the Millwall Community Trust and have helped in the past with charity events. Can you tell us some of the things you have done for the MCT?

Over the last year that I’ve been back with the club, we have done many different fundraisers and events; most recently myself, Libby and Kelly went on The Blokes Club walk. This was a lovely experience getting to engage with other Millwall supporters as well as have a nice cup of tea at the end of it at the coffee morning!

8. Final question, fans have been away from The Den for so long, what does it mean now being able to go back into the ground, and also having fans back watching you at St. Paul’s?

It’s amazing to have fans back at St Paul’s. There are definitely some new faces coming to support at Fisher which is great to see, including a few appearances from my Mum and my butcher at work (Thanks Ed!). It would be brilliant to see even more faces at our games, it is free after all!

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