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Partner in Detail - The Dualers!

Dear member,

For another successive season, the Millwall Supporters' Club (MSC) are delighted to announce the renewal of one of our major partners, local Ska and Reggae band - The Dualers! The South East London band, who have had a number of top 40 chart singles, have kindly offered a fantastic 10% off at their online store, and also have a number of UK dates for their 'Road to Wembley 2021/22' tour. Make sure you visit The Dualers' webpage for information on all tour dates and festival listings at, and also visit their online shop where you can purchase some brilliant merchandise, clothing, CDs, DVDs and other fantastic items at

If you are a Full member of the MSC, then make sure you email for the unique code provided by the band themselves for your 10% discount!

Tour image provided by The Dualers

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Tom Charles
Tom Charles
15 may 2023

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umer ali
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