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MSC Update

Overseas Update!

Jersey - At the moment, our branch of the MSC is still very much in its infancy, however, we are slowly growing in members and operation. We currently have a small number of out and out members, but we are in contact with several other Lions on the Island. So far this season, we have had one meeting over a few beers and have exchanged membership cards and badges. Additionally, we've been over for five matches between us this season, as well as turning out for one Fisher FC game too. By coincidence, we'll be over for the Luton & Sheffield games so we will be able to enjoy any update within the match day programme!

Russia - June 2021 was the second anniversary of the official Millwall fan club in Russia. We have passed not such a long, but quite an interesting path yet. Prior to the COVID quarantine, we managed to make several trips to England for the home and away matches of Millwall. We continue to run a column with the history of the daily results of the Millwall matches on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We organized meetings and watching games in our partner "Churchill’s Pub" in Moscow. This season or next one, we plan to hold a meeting at the "Churchill’s Pub" with Millwall fans from England and other countries, as part of the celebration of the "International Millwall Day" that we have established. Already a whole group of fans from Europe wants to come to see Moscow and meet with the Russian fans of Millwall after the opening of the borders. We gave interviews for the main sports news internet portal in Russia, for the Sun UK newspaper about our support of Millwall FC, also we made footage in the Churchill’s Pub for two programs about Millwall history and Millwall fans for Sport24 channel. Both of them had about 100k views on YouTube. You can also use our email address Russia@millwallsupportersclub.couk to contact us with any questions regarding the club's activities. Feel free to write us and be sure to attach any thoughts, wishes and suggestions on the work of our fan club.

Engagement Project - We Need You!

The MSC and Shona Groves, the club’s Supporter Liaison Officer have made contact with a number of fans to be part of an engagement project we’re undertaking with wheelchair users at The Den. So far, we have received a number emails from fans, which we are grateful for, as it is incredibly important to us all that all supporters are able to enjoy their match day experience on each and every visit. As such we’re looking for even more feedback from fans about their experiences and how they feel we could improve, what they feel is missing and more widely what we could do to make them feel entirely valued and cared for. If you do have any such feedback then your views would be most welcome as we look to improve and enhance all that we do for you.

Please do email and and we’ll take your ideas forward as a matter of urgency.

Crowdie Collection!

We have had a number of people collecting their Crowdie from our Millwall Supporters Club awning, but there are still plenty more that are due to be collected! Between 1pm and 2.30pm at our Saturday afternoon home games, the Crowdies which were recently ordered by fans will be ready for collection under the MSC awning, which you can find by the SE16 bar. If you want to make arrangements regarding your Crowdie, please email with the game that you would like to collect it, or you can turn up on the day of the game itself. Please make sure your Crowdie collected by The Lions’ game with Birmingham City on Saturday 4th December 2021.

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Please Daddy update me harder! OwO what's this dinosaur game, a new update?


dung do
dung do
Jun 05

I usually watch them to learn something new and then play for fun; if you're looking for a good knockout game, you should give it a shot. Make the boys think they're smarter than you do.


I hope your MSC branch will operate well and grow. eggy car


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Waleed sattar
Mar 28, 2023

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