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MSC February Update

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

This has been a tough season and period for all fans of all clubs, however the Millwall Supporters' Club (MSC) Committee have been working hard on behalf of Millwall fans to help those at the club, the Millwall Lionesses, the Millwall Community Trust and the local community....


The MSC has liaised with the club on a number of issues where fans have contacted us, and have had difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That might be where family members are unfortunately ill with the virus, where they have tragically passed away, or where families are struggling due to being furloughed or made redundant. Staff and players from Millwall FC and Millwall Lionesses have been able to talk to the families and help where they could. We have been instrumental in accelerating the issue of refunds to fans for tickets bought before the lockdowns by liaising with the fans who have made contact with us, and also directly with the club themselves.

Along with being the official media team for the Millwall Lionesses, the MSC now have more volunteers who are helping with the day-to-day running of the football club. These tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The MSC now assist the Lionesses commercially by bringing in much needed revenue and sponsorships into the club.

  • Planning and organising the trials for all new players who want to join the youth and first team squads of the Millwall Lionesses.

  • Ordering and printing of all club kits and clothing for the playing squad and staff.

  • Treasury and secretary work which involves the registering of players, paying referees and matchday officials, organising and liaising with clubs with regards to league and cup fixtures.

  • Being in regular contact with external media channels such as the Southwark News, South London Press, VAVEL, numerous Millwall and Women's Football podcasts, and a large number of other national and local media outlets.

  • Creating graphics and visuals for the club when announcing new partnerships, new signings and club announcements.

  • We also now have a member of the MSC committee who is the Player Liaision Officer as well as the recently appointed Assistant Manager.

The vast majority of tasks with the Millwall Lionesses have the strictest of deadlines which are governed by the Eastern Region Women's Football League and although at times these can be very stressful, they are roles we all thoroughly enjoy and we are grateful to be given the opportunity.

The MSC has made available funds to enable the Millwall Community Trust to prepare meals for local children during school holidays. This is an ongoing project that is continuing during the pandemic.

Throughout the season, we have had committee members who have been regularly in contact with the various oversea Millwall fans and we have been seeing how we can help those from abroad feel more connected to the club.

A number of the MSC committee members have been helping out at the local hospitals, where they have been manning refreshment and relaxation areas for NHS staff. Prior to Christmas, committee members also ran a sponsored 'Santa Dash' run to raise funds for water bottles for NHS staff to have their own individual one. Also, they took part and helped organise the Christmas wish tree which resulted in presents bought for lots of local deserving children. On Christmas Eve, members of the MSC committee also worked alongside those from the Millwall Community Trust and the Millwall Lionesses to wrap and donate presents and food for NHS staff and those who were sadly in hospital over the festive period.

The MSC have been working hard alongside the Lions Foodhub which is being organised by Kelly Webster (Millwall Lionesses), and MSC committee members have been instrumental in getting this up and running and facilitating advertising, publicity and fund raising. We have been organising the logistics with getting the hall where the food is held up and running, plus liaising with podcasts and Millwall FC to help raise more awareness of the Food Hub for those who need their services.

We know that a number of children have been struggling through the pandemic, so this season we were delighted to welcome Dan Poore onto the MSC Committee in a Family Liaison role. Dan has worked incredibly hard and produced some ‘colour-in’ pages for children which has proved popular. Dan has also kindly created certificates for finished efforts and these drawings have been displayed on our social media channel.

Unfortunately, as has been the case with the vast majority of Millwall fans, we are unable to enter The Den, so we can’t access any staff or goods, nor can we meet with any players due to the strict Covid-19 protocols put in place by The FA.

As always, we are always contactable and welcome all feedback, whether positive or with constructive criticism. If you have any questions or queries, then please contact us via DMs on our social media channels or send an email to

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