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MSC 2020/21 Review

Dear MSC member,

Thank you for being a Millwall Supporters' Club member for the 2020/2021 season.

Without covering old ground, the season was like no other, but whilst we were all unable to watch live football at The Den, the committee were still able to help fans where they could:

  • We liaised with the club regarding a number of cases where fans were directly affected by the Covid virus and legislation and gave help and support.

  • We helped set up the Lions Food Hub with Kelly Webster which she is now successfully taking forward.

  • Two of our initiatives were received favourably by the club. Firstly, that of showing England's Euro matches at SE16 bar. Secondly, the setting up of Brew With A View on Wednesdays, it has already helped fans re-engage with the club and each other and has become a firm event in the club's diary each week.

We have been unable to host our AGM at the club this year, we've been waiting for availability but would like to hear from you if you have any questions going forward.

There are vacancies on the committee if you feel you can help. The more people there are the less the workload for others.

Due to being unable to meet, we are happy to host a virtual meeting, if you are interested please respond to this email to that effect. We are still hoping to provide some supporter packages, but currently Covid-19 Regulations still affect the football world, and we can't allow fans pitch side or elsewhere to meet players.

Finally, we shall shortly be launching our 2021/2022 memberships, they are already available on our website and cards will be sent out in the next couple of weeks.

We do hope you'll join again for next season.

Kind regards,

The MSC Committee

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