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STATEMENT - 24.03.18

The Millwall Supporters’ Club (MSC) now has a new committee which was officially constituted on Thursday 8th February 2018. The committee comprises officers put in place by the Fan On The Board, Micky Simpson, and subsequent appointments and volunteers.

Responsibilities have been allocated for the statutory roles and some new initiatives have been started, each designed to reach, and appeal, to a wider audience of fans. The MSC has other plans for the 2018/19 season with some fresh ideas and hope that fans will submit their own views as to what the committee can do for them moving forward. This club belongs to the fans and so the MSC is always open to hearing from the supporter base.

Following reconstitution the new committee took over the existing accounts left by the outgoing one and were not happy with what was discovered. There are still some concerns which the MSC is trying to eliminate. This has taken longer than expected and whilst most of the paperwork has been handed over some is still missing and the committee is awaiting its receipt. The MSC found that there has been financial mismanagement and it has asked the outgoing administration, including all those who were officers or had dealings with the finance, for their comments regarding the situation. Three ex-officers have replied but their responses do not negate all current concerns.

The MSC has accessed the residual monies in the bank account and is now opening a new one. A new Finance Policy has been agreed, which details how the finances will be run, who will run them and how the information will be communicated to the fan base. It was agreed to appoint joint treasurers to ensure that no one person is ever solely in charge of the finances.

The current committee members will ensure that the MSC is administered properly in the future and is successful in benefitting both the fans and the club. It is holding regular meetings with Steve Kavanagh and other senior club staff, who have given their full backing.

The MSC wishes to answer any questions supporters may have on any of the above or other matters, but ask that these are put formally at the upcoming Fans’ Forum on Thursday 5th April. Further details about membership for 2018/19 and the benefits to supporters will also be discussed that evening.

The Millwall Supporters' Club Committee


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