Club Response - Undercover Staff

We asked the club to clarify if the use of undercover staff, including those with bodycams, would be in place during this season and going forward as mentioned in The Times article on 08/08/2019.

“The club are duty bound to consider all aspects of the action plan imposed upon it but, importantly, that is not to say everything detailed will be put into practise. Much of what is listed is already in place, such as enhanced messaging and a new and vastly improved CCTV system. We have already highlighted our concerns around other aspects of the action plan, the risks involved and the impact to supporters, and will continue to liaise with The FA’s observer on such matters. The club’s position on the punishment from The FA was made clear in the statement released last week and we reiterate our gratitude to fans for their continued support and assistance.”

The club has promised the Millwall Supporters’ Club continued and complete openness on the action plan.

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