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COVID-19 Club Update

We have been given the following update and statement from Millwall CEO Steve Kavanagh:

"The outbreak and spread of Covid-19 is having a tremendous impact on all of our lives and on behalf of the club I would urge supporters to continue following relevant advice and guidance from the government and other health professionals.

As I’m sure you all know by now, The Den is closed until next Monday 23rd March at the earliest, though that is being reviewed on a daily basis and any update or change will be communicated to fans as quickly as possible.

That closure – which is to ensure the club is doing all it can to help protect staff, supporters and other stakeholders – means that we are currently unable to process refunds for match tickets or hospitality. However, we should soon have the administrative procedure in place to do so and I thank everyone concerned for their patience and understanding during what is a difficult time for all.

Our online operation is still functioning properly which means that season tickets for 2020/21 and Lions Store merchandise are available to purchase on the respective ticket and shop websites. For more information I would urge you to visit which has comprehensive guidance on the above and more.

Other than ground and maintenance staff, and excluding essential visits from other personnel, all Millwall employees are working from home to ensure that the club is operating as efficiently as possible in testing circumstances for all of us. I have also asked all staff to take a couple of hours out of each day to help any elderly or vulnerable neighbours who are in need of support.

Though clearly these are unprecedented circumstances, it is during troubling times that togetherness and unity are so important. I trust that everyone in the Millwall family, which stretches across the globe, will be doing all they can to look after themselves and others.

Thank you for your ongoing support."

Steve Kavanagh - Millwall CEO

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