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2020/21 Season Planning (COVID)

MSC and MFC Meeting Re:

On Thursday 30thJuly, the MSC joined a video call with MFC Chief Executive Steve Kavanagh and Communications Director Billy Taylor, to discuss the upcoming 2020/21 season.

Here’s what we asked.

Please note that all responses are provisional at this time and are subject to change as plans are still being worked on.

How many fans will be allowed back into the ground?

MFC has confirmed that the Den will be able to hold a maximum of 5994 fans, including hospitality and executive boxes (about 30% original capacity) with social distancing measures in place. This includes about 600 seats for executive area and directors. This will be assessed throughout the season and in line with any changes to government guidelines.

The date fans will be permitted back into the ground is currently 1stOctober, however this is subject to changes in government policy.

How will the club decide which fans get the 5994 seats?

So far approximately 2,600 season tickets have been sold – these season ticket holders will all get to watch every home game next season. The MFC plan to release another 900 season tickets on a first come first serve basis.

The remaining 2000 seats will then be allocated as below:

- Fans with a 2019/20 season ticket will be offered priority early access to purchase these tickets

- Tickets can only be bought one game at a time

- If you are successful in purchasing a ticket, you will then not be eligible for priority early access for the following home game

- If you are unsuccessful for one home game you will retain your priority early access for the following home game and so on

- If there are any tickets remaining after priority early access, these will be offered to non-priority early access 2019/20

- If there are any remaining tickets after all 2019/20 season tickets have had the chance to purchase, these will then be opened up to members

MFC wants to ensure as many loyal fans as possible can attend at least some matches next season and consider this is the best system to achieve that.

What about cup games?

The MSC asked if members could have priority for cup competition games. MFC has taken this away and will submit a proposal.

How will seats be allocated?

Seating will be allocated in bubbles of two. MFC plan to reach out to fans to confirm their bubbles. There will be seats blocked off either side of the bubbles. MFC will try to allocate seats as close to your usual stand as possible, however you must sit in the seat you are allocated. The away stand will also be used for home fans in order to maximise the number of fans who can enter.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

MFC have retained the previous stadium map so that original season ticket seats can be reissued when restrictions have eased.

What about executive members?

MFC are yet to confirm the maximum number of fans permitted in the executive boxes but this is likely to be a maximum of 6 people.

The executive lounge capacity will be reduced by approximately 50%. The lounge areas will be reconfigured so that the whole space is allocated as dining space.

What safety measures will the club put in place when the ground is reopened to fans?

- Mandatory temperature screening will be in place for all who enter the ground

- The turnstiles will be relocated to the external gates to allow for more airflow and to avoid congestion

- Fans must be in the ground at least 30 minutes prior to kick off to avoid a late rush

- Fans may be given a timeslot to arrive at the ground, this will be anywhere from 2 hours to 30 minutes prior to kickoff, to avoid congestion at the turnstiles and to spread out footfall

- There will be a one way system in place in the gents toilets (as there are 2 doors) and plans for a steward outside the ladies toilets (as there is only one door) to monitor headcount

Will I still be able to get food and drink inside the ground?

Potentially the kiosks inside the ground could open, however there are plans to open pop up kiosks in the car park area (now inside the turnstiles) to increase space and airflow. SE16 Bar will remain open, however ‘Arry’s Bar will be closed.

What happens if there is a further lockdown?

Hopefully this doesn’t happen but MFC have stated they will be unable to provide refunds for season tickets if this is the case. Hopefully any remaining games will be livestreamed similar to the end of this season, this has yet to be guaranteed.

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