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Statement - BBC and Racism

Yesterday the MSC was contacted by a BBC journalist, Saj Chowdhury, who asked if he could be put in touch with any Millwall fan(s) “who have been involved in or know anyone who has been involved in racist behaviour” in order to explain why they hold such views and why they have involved themselves in such behaviour. Understanding reasoning was supposedly in the public interest and it was claimed focus would be on issues in society, “especially post-Brexit vote”.

Firstly, the MSC would never associate itself with any football fan who holds racist views and strongly supports the club’s industry-leading initiatives around anti-discrimination.

Secondly, Chowdhury’s frankly absurd and insulting approach, the MSC believes, is symptomatic of much of the mainstream media’s long-standing desire and willingness to paint Millwall and its supporters in a bad light to the rest of the football family and society as a whole.

Indeed, the MSC sees Chowdhury’s request as an affront and has expressed, in the strongest possible terms, its disappointment and anger both privately and now publicly. The MSC’s primary focus is to represent and serve Lions fans, as well as to protect their interests and to champion the unrivalled amount of charity and community work done by the Millwall family. It would never involve itself in a project which clearly, despite denials, aims to do the opposite.

The MSC will continue to work with the club, Millwall For All, the Community Trust, fans and all its related groups and partners to enhance anti-discrimination work and to help ensure that Millwall remains at the forefront of the battle to rid football of racism.

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