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MSC - Past, Present & Future

It's been widely acknowledged that the MSC has become stale and the biggest supporters of this view were the members of the most recent committee, some having served for many many years. To achieve a different MSC going forward all the committee members stood down to facilitate this. 

An EGM was called and this was held last Tuesday, the 28th November. If anyone didn't know about this or was unable to get there, we apologise but communication was one of the difficulties for the MSC to date. Owing to the process by which fans become members (through purchasing a season ticket or membership) the club held the database with contact details. Therefore the only other options open are by social media and the MSC website. This is one of the issues that must be addressed in the future. The EGM The Fan On The Board, Micky Simpson, chaired the meeting and began by explaining the purpose of calling an EGM which was to vote on the dissolution of the current constitution. The existing constitution did not set out the full aims of the MSC and provided MillwallFC with too much scope to become involved in the activities of the MSC. It did not make the committee members accountable, nor did it require a turnover of members so that those with fresh ideas can become part of the MSC committee. The MSC should be self funding and totally independent of Millwall FC, however currently it is dependent on the club for its funding. The Vote Micky proposed that the current constitution be dissolved. By a show of hands the proposal was carried, there were no votes against. Micky will now form a steering group to take matters forward to form a new constitution and new committee. Positions on the committee will be a mix of officers appointed by the steering committee and elected fan representatives. 

Fan will be asked, by any method possible, to give their views on what they want from a supporters' club and also if they wish to put themselves forward for a position on the new committee. They will also have the opportunity to put themselves forward for the election of a fan engagement/liaison committee member. If you feel you can help and have something to offer, please get in touch. 

The following dates are important: 31/12/17 Deadline for receipt of nominations of those who wish to put themselves forward for the committee 02/01/18 Draft constitution and draft election procedures will be completed and published 25/01/18 A special MSC Fans Forum will be held in the Executive Lounge to discuss the proposals and answer any queries. 08/02/18 MSC AGM to be held in 'Arry's Bar which will include a vote on the new constitution and voting for the fan liaison/engagement officers So we have a blank canvas, the MSC in the future can be what YOU want it to be, so if you have any ideas about what the MSC should do FOR THE FANS, if you want to be involved in any way please contact or send your details to the club address FAO The MSC. There has been a lot of criticism and comment about the MSC in recent weeks, it's easy to stand back and make negative comments so if you have something to say please do so, if you don't you may not get the MSC you want. We will update you on progress in the coming weeks. 

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