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Money Saving Tips

Away Day Travel Advice


For those supporters who like to travel by train it should be noted that train tickets become available from the train companies about 12 weeks in advance of the day of travel. Substantial savings can be made by pre-booking tickets in advance. Some useful sites are: The TrainlineNational Rail and Megatrain.


When starting to plan your journey, you need to take into account that the savings are an 'on the day of request' price and get more expensive the nearer to the day of travel you book. Try to get the 12 week prices and the day of travel prices at the same time.


Another tip is to break your journey: some trips can be cheaper if you buy several returns (time consuming, so really a task for the patient planner). For example a few seasons ago, it was cheaper to book tickets from Euston to Watford junction, then from Watford to Leeds then Leeds to Darlington, and Darlington to Hartlepool, this resulted in a saving of £30 on the direct London to Hartlepool fare. If you are looking at 'ticket splitting' the important factor to note is that you have to stay on the same train throughout the journey for the ticket to be valid.


One last money saving tip for train goers is to utilise the group save offer when three or more of you are traveling together. Also look at purchasing an annual network card for local savings.

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